English Avenue Elementary School


The Building Memories team works together in developing, producing, and promoting episodes, and in presenting them on the Building Memories website.

Executive Producer: Dr. Jacqueline Jones Royster
Co-Executive Producer: Dr. Todd Michney
Technical Director: Steven Hodges
Interns: Charles Cardot, Amrithesh Paravath
Administrative Assistant: Joanna Gabriel
Funding for this episode generously provided by the Edna Wardlaw Charitable Trust

Team members below had lead roles with this episode:
Episode Narrative: Charles Cardot
Photographer: Keizers, licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0
Podcast Producer: Charles Cardot and Amrithesh Paravath
Interviewers: Charles Cardot, Fall 2020 Georgia Tech “Semester in City” course, taught by Dr. Todd Michney
Script Writer: Charles Cardot, Amrithesh Paravath, Dr. Todd Michney, Dr. Jacqueline Jones Royster
Narrators: Charles Cardot
Sound Editors: Amrithesh Paravath
Music: Upside Down by Text Me Records, The Sound of a Dollar by DJ Williams, Song for Michael by Magic In The Other, Hyperfun by Kevin MacLeod