The Leading Edge Digital Publications Series

Research Innovations in 21st Century Liberal Arts – Georgia Tech Liberal Arts at Work in the World

Inspired in 2013 by the 125th anniversary of LiberalArts@Tech, the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts made our first steps toward launching a digital publications series, The Leading Edge.

Our Mission

To showcase the innovative research that we do at Georgia Tech at the intersections of the humanities, social sciences, and technology by sharing in digital format designated examples of some of our most robust, innovative, and cutting edge projects.


  • Robust displays of human-centered perspectives on societal challenges.
  • Innovative examples of our dynamic frameworks for understanding the contexts, patterns, impacts, and consequences of innovation, research, and policy.
  • Projects that highlight innovative models and paradigms for problem-posing, developing integrative analyses, and finding sustainable solutions.
  • Initiatives that cast light on local challenges and opportunities and connect them over time and space to regional and global contexts.
  • Projects that demonstrate our logistical expertise in bringing multiple stakeholders together to engage and address common interests and concerns.
  • Explorations that suggest new frontiers for liberal arts research and education.


To blaze pathways for excellence in the liberal arts, establishing this knowledge set (humanities, social sciences, technology), expertise, and experience base as critical assets for our highly scientific and technological 21st century world.