2024 Graduate Conference

Feb. 23, 2024

Session I

  • Emtiaz Hossain Hritan (ECON), Silencing the Rails: A Study of the Noise-Safety Trade-off in Railway Quiet Zones
  • Jancy Ling Liu (ECON), Powering Down and Moving On? Energy Transition, Gentrification, and Local Impacts
  • Thales de Oliveira Souza (SPP), Landowner rights and the pathway to Net Zero: perspectives into the CO2 pipeline project in Iowa
  • Sharon Rachel (HSOC), Climate Change and Intersectional Inequalities in the Southern United States

Session II

  • Ejaz Ahmed & Letian Cheng (SPP), How Advocacy Coalitions Affect State-level Privacy Legislation Outcomes in the US
  • Sakshee Bapat (SPP), Policy framework to prevent and mitigate misuse of AI for terrorism recruitment
  • Zhuoqi Helen Dong (INTA), Information Control and China Standard 2035
  • Sanghyun Han (INTA), Revisiting Industrial Policy: How Industrial Policy Signals Resolve

Session III

  • Daniel Aum (INTA), A Better Peace: Finding Alignment in Grand Strategy
  • Shi Ding (LMC), Teacher’s Perspective on Redesign of Earsketch
  • Michelle Manganiello (ML), Promoting Student Staff Wellness at Georgia Tech Housing and Residence Life: My Work as a Graduate Assistant and other Initiatives
  • Chengzhi Zhang (LMC), Fostering the Public’s Speculation Towards Large Generative Models with an Interactive Museum Installation