2015 Graduate Conference

Graduate students enrolled in Ivan Allen College Liberal Arts graduate courses submitted abstracts to present papers at the IAC graduate student conference. Presentations were scheduled as 10 minute papers on panels or 9 minute roundtable presentations during the conference on Friday, January 30th, 2015, 10am-5pm, in Room 102 of the Stephen C. Hall Building (215 Bobby Dodd). The Ivan Allen Graduate Student Advisory Board members reviewed the abstracts and organized the schedule for the conference. Graduate students were recruited to volunteer as session chairs and respondents.

2015 IAC Graduate Student Conference Program

January 30, 2015

Energy and Sustainability

  • Chair: Alexander Smith (Public Policy)
  • *Rebecca Watts Hull (History and Sociology) –  Pathways to Change: Explaining Campus Sustainability Movements at Three Georgia Universities  (Third Prize)
  • Yeong Jae Kim (Public Policy) – The effectiveness of ENERGY STAR on product innovation

Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

  • Chair: Chris Zakroff (History and Sociology)
  • Benjamin Staver (Public Policy) – Business Models for Utilities of the Future: Emerging Trends in the Southeast
  • Jonah Bea-Taylor (History and Sociology) – Urban infrastructure, climate change, and expert communities in coastal US cities
  • Supraja Sudharsan (International Affairs) – Participation of the Global South in Transnational Climate Governance: Who Benefits?

Technology and Society

  • Chair: Gene Kansas (Literature, Media, and Communication)
  • *Eric Van Holm (Public Policy) – Is the World of Crowdfunding Flat? (Third Prize)
  • Jean Chu (Literature, Media, and Communication)- Designing Tangible Interfaces to Support Expression and Sensemaking in Interactive Narratives
  • Michael Madaio (Literature, Media, and Communication) – The Automation of Personalized Learning: An Exploration of the Risks and Possibilities of Adaptive Learning Systems
  • *Amanda Meng [i] (International Affairs) – Investigating the Roots of Open Data’s Social Impact (First Prize)

Geographic Data and Methods

  • Chair: Jiayao Ni (Economics)
  • Jenna McGrath (Public Policy) – Hydraulic Fracturing Activity Explored Through County Demographics in Texas
  • Jonathan Law (Economics) – Master’s Examining Residential Location Patterns by Income and Occupation in Atlanta, GA
  • Jon Schmid, Chris Blackburn (International Affairs) – An Exploration of the Volatility of Technological Productivity

Security and History

  • Chair: Joe Lupton (History and Sociology)
  • Alice Clifton (History and Sociology) – When All Other Means Have Broken Down: Messenger Pigeons in the US Military
  • *Christopher Zakroff (History and Sociology) – A Flattering Coincidence? Technological Espionage and the SST Race (Second Prize)
  • Hyoung Joon An (History and Sociology) – S. Korea’s Missile Development and the Diplomatic Relation with the U.S., 1958-1978
  • Philip Baxter (International Affairs) – The False Hope of Nuclear Forensics?: Why Forensics won’t Matter in Times of Crisis

Social and Cultural Aspects of Technology

  • Chair: Alice Clifton (History and Sociology)
  • Soo A Lee (History and Sociology) – The meaning of international collaborative research for the Korean materials and mechanical scientists and its influence on the scientific globalization in Korea
  • Emily Gibson (History and Sociology) – Gender, Service, and the Emotional Labor of ‘Selling’ Commercial Aviation: Pan American Airways and Air France, 1930-1950
  • Devin Wilson (Literature, Media, and Communication)- Animal Liberation Themes in 1991’s Sonic the Hedgehog

* Prize winner

[i] Paper Only

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