2017 Graduate Conference

Graduate students enrolled in Ivan Allen College Liberal Arts graduate courses submitted abstracts by December 6th, 2017 to present papers at the IAC graduate student conference. Presentations were scheduled as 10 minute papers on panels or 9 minute roundtable presentations during the conference on Friday, January 27th, 2017, 10am-5pm, in Room 102 of the Stephen C. Hall Building (215 Bobby Dodd). The Ivan Allen Graduate Student Advisory Board members reviewed the abstracts and organized the schedule for the conference. Graduate students were recruited to volunteer as session chairs and respondents.

2017 IAC Graduate Student Conference Program

January 27, 2017

Consumers and Sustainability

  • Chair: Yeong Jae Kim
  • Yeong Jae Kim (Public Policy) – Gasoline Prices, Beliefs, and Energy Efficiency
  • Mallory Flowers (Public Policy) – The Sweet Spot: Balancing Stakeholder & Sponsor Interests in Voluntary Certifications

Intellectual Property

  • Chair: Amanda Domingues
  • * Seok Beom Kwon (Public Policy) – Strategic Patent Acquisition of Patent Assertion Entities and Defensive Patent Aggregators (First Prize)
  • * Sen Yan (Economics) – Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation, and Exports (Second Prize)
  • Elie Sung (Public Policy) – The effect of the eBay case on firms’ propensity to patent and type of R&D activities

Social Capital and the Workplace

  • Chair: Alice Clifton
  • * Kera Allen (History and Sociology) – Still Some Nagging Parts: An Intersectional Study of the Computing and IT Workforce (First Prize)
  • Diana Roldan (Public Policy) – What Makes Foreign Born Students More Successful in Computing Science?
  • Qinyi Liu (Economics) – The Formation of Problem Solving Skills through Tasks

Social Values and Technological Design

  • Chair: Rachel Miles
  • Renee Shelby (History and Sociology) – Wearable Technology, Shifting Bodily Paradigms, and the Dream World of Techno-Physical Feminism
  • * Garrett Bunyak (History and Sociology) – The Diffusion of the Microwave in US Society in Social Context (Third Prize)
  • Mario Bianchini (History and Sociology) – Training Future Comrades
  • Firaz Peer (Digital Media)- Opportunities for Design in Community Data Dashboards

Knowledge Transfer in Research and Education

  • Chair: Garrett Bunyak
  • Sergey Kolesnikov (Public Policy) – Connecting Internationalization, Research, and Economic Development: A Case Study of Georgia Tech Lorraine
  • Seokkyun Woo (Public Policy) – Mapping the Emergence of International University Research Ventures
  • Jon Schmid (International Affairs) The Diffusion of Military Technology

Science Policy and Regulation

  • Chair: Jonah Bea-Taylor
  • Chris Zakroff (History and Sociology) – Defining the Jet Age: New York City and the Regulation of Aircraft Noise Pollution
  • Gyung Won Kim (Public Policy) – U.S. State Clean Energy Policy and Industrial Technology Adoption: Policy Impacts and Potential Assessment
  • Rockie Rodriguez (International Affairs) – From Lateran to Lasers


  • Chair: Brian Jirout
  • Jonah Bea-Taylor (History and Sociology) – Flood Control, Engineering, and Vulnerable Metropolitan Development in Houston, Miami, and Tampa, 1935-1985
  • Ling-Ming Huang (History and Sociology) –The Taiwanese-US Relationship and the Development of Mass Transportation in Taiwan
  • Konul Amrahova (Public Policy) – Market-implied Tax Benefits of Municipal Securities

Technology and Security

  • Chair: Lisa Hwang
  • Lisa Hwang (International Affairs) – Nuclear Shut Down?: A Short Term Solution to Spent Fuel Buildup in ROK
  • Hamidreza Seyf (Mechanical Engineering) – Analysis of a Concentrated Solar Thermophotovoltaic System with Thermal Energy Storage

* Prize winner

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