2021 Graduate Conference

Graduate students enrolled in Ivan Allen College Liberal Arts graduate courses submitted abstracts by January 1st, 2021 to present papers at the IAC graduate student conference. Presentations were scheduled as 10 minute papers on panels or 15 minute roundtable presentations during the conference on Friday, January 22nd, 2021, 8:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., in Room 102 of the Stephen C. Hall Building (215 Bobby Dodd). The Ivan Allen Graduate Student Advisory Board members reviewed the abstracts and organized the schedule for the conference. Graduate students were recruited to volunteer as session chairs and respondents.

2021 IAC Graduate Student Conference Program

January 22, 2021

Feminist Politics, Technology, and Women’s Safety

  • Chair: Brandy Pettijohn (Digital Media/Literature, Media, and Communication)
  • * Sharon Rachel (History and Sociology), Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of the Everyday Sexism Project
  • Shubhangi Gupta (Digital Media/Literature, Media, and Communication), Politics of Safety in India: Technology and perpetuation of gendered discourses

Environment, Energy, Pollution

  • Chair: Stephen Norris (GMC/ML & LMC)
  • Marjorie Hall Snook (History and Sociology), The Stain-Resistant Black Box: The visibility of PFAS compounds and impacts on regulatory efforts
  • * Archana Ghodeswar (Economics), Trading One Waste for Another? Unintended Consequences of Industrial Ecology Policy in the Indian Power Sector
  • Phillip Walker Carnell (Public Policy) Reframing Clean Cookstove Interventions From a Technological Intervention to one of Sustainable Energy Security

Power & Energy

  • Chair: Vikrant Kamble
  • Jennifer Wilson (Public Policy): Understanding the Impact of State-Level Financial Incentives on the Deployment of Renewable Energy at Colleges and Universities through Program Identification, Review, and Correlation
  • Gloria Calhoun (History and Sociology), Entrepreneurs and Technological Change: Inventing Underground Infrastructure (1871-1910)

Politics of Science and Technology

  • Chair: Mike Bivona (History and Sociology)
  • Kera Allen (History and Sociology), “A Castle on a Hill”: The First Microcomputer Public Access Center
  • Suon Choi (International Affairs), Science and Technology as Strategic Assets in North Korea
  • Lenny Stendig (Economics), German U-Boats in WW II: Race to the Bottom of the Atlantic

Political Power and Economic Influence

  • Chair: Lauren Lange (INTA)
  • Wesley Meredith (International Affairs), US and Chinese Great Power Competition in Africa: How it is playing out in the form of aid and development finance
  • Hee Jun Yoo (International Affairs), The Belt and Road Initiative, Transition to a New International System
  • Jay Kancherla (Public Policy/Cyber Security), Future Re-identification of Health Data

Information, Managing Data Security, and Privacy

  • Chair: Nupur Kothari (Economics)
  • * Daniel Schiff (Public Policy), The Liar’s Dividend: How Misinformation About Misinformation Affects Politician Support and Trust in Media
  • Pooja Casula (Digital Media/Literature, Media, and Communication), Twitter, Twitter on the wall, to remove these tweets who should I call?

Work, Labor, Caregiving

Chair: Jancy Liu (Economics)

  • Olga Churkina, Luísa Nazareno, and Matteo Zullo (Public Policy), The Labor Outcomes of Bilinguals in the United States
  • * Aubrey DeVeny Incorvaia (Public Policy), Becoming an End of Life Doula: An Analytic Autoethnography
  • * Vikrant Kamble (Economics), The effect of air pollution on labor force participation of married couples in India

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