2016 Graduate Conference

Graduate students enrolled in Ivan Allen College Liberal Arts graduate courses submitted abstracts by December 6th, 2015 to present papers at the IAC graduate student conference. Presentations were scheduled as 10 minute papers on panels or 9 minute roundtable presentations during the conference on Friday, January 29th, 2016, 10am-5pm, in Room 102 of the Stephen C. Hall Building (215 Bobby Dodd). The Ivan Allen Graduate Student Advisory Board members reviewed the abstracts and organized the schedule for the conference. Graduate students were recruited to volunteer as session chairs and respondents.

2016 IAC Graduate Student Conference Program

January 29, 2016

Infrastructure: Energy, Water, and Food

  • Chair: Alexander Smith (Public Policy)
  • Jenna McGrath (Public Policy) – Terrorist Attacks on the United State’s Energy Infrastructure: 1970-2014
  • Jonah Bea-Taylor (History and Sociology) – Masking vulnerability: How the Corps of Engineers Reduced Flooding in Miami and Houston
  • Rebecca Watts Hull (History and Sociology) – Campus Commitments to Local, Sustainable Food Procurement: Trends, Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities

Public Health and Society

  • Chair: Alice Clifton (History and Sociology)
  • *Renee Shelby (History and Sociology) – Whose Rape Kit? Aims, Realities, and Justice (Third Prize)
  • Tongyang Yang (Economics) – Does Ethnicity Matter for Food Choices? An Empirical Analysis of Asian Immigrant Time Use
  • Xincheng Shen (History and Sociology) – City of Gold: A History of Human Waste Management in Shanghai 1850-1949

Cities: Development and Preservation

  • Chair: Mariam Asad (Literature, Media, and Communication)
  • Johann Weber (Public Policy) – Bicycle Policy Entrepreneurs: Exploring the Role of Leadership in Affecting Policy Change at the Municipal Level
  • Firaz Peer (Literature, Media, and Communication) – Zillow Fever—Data Aggregates and the Crisis of Context in the Housing Market
  • Gene Kansas (Literature, Media, and Communication) – Preserving the World

Business, Technology, and Innovation

  • Chair: Sandjar Kozubaev (Literature, Media, and Communication)
  • Yeong Jae Kim (Public Policy) – Clean Disruption: the Impact of Incandescent Light Bulb Standard
  • Michael Vogel (Literature, Media, and Communication) – Independent Game Development in Japan
  • *Yin Li (Public Policy) – Using web mining to understand Triple Helix innovation partnership at micro level: application to US green manufacturing sectors (Second Prize)

Global Knowledge Circulation

  • Chair: Brian Jirout (History and Sociology)
  • Christopher Zakroff (History and Sociology) – Bypassing Turbulence: Soviet Acoustic Science and the Technopolitics of the Jet Age
  • *Sooa Lee (History and Sociology) – A Multi-dimensional Approach to (South) Korean International Research Collaboration (Third Prize)
  • *Mario Bianchini (History and Sociology) – Human Economics: Germany, Economists, and the Cold War (Third Prize)

Social Dimensions of Economic Development

  • Chair: Caroline Appleton (Public Policy)
  • Yunxin Fan (Economics) – Labor Shortage, Technology Advancement, and Change on International Trade Patterns
  • Emily Gibson (History and Sociology) – “Dans tous les ciels:” Air France and French Colonial Development in West Africa, 1948-1960
  • Wenman Liu (Public Policy) – See the Trees for Forest: Analyzing bundles of resource rights and gross forest change in developing world
  • *Jon Schmid  (International Affairs) The Rahul Pathak (Public Policy) [i] – Anatomy of Collaboration in International Development Management: Comparative Insights from Nigeria and Ghana (First Prize)

Computing and Games

  • Chair: Albith Delgado (Literature, Media, and Communication)
  • Devin Wilson (Literature, Media, and Communication) – Games and Rosenblatt’s Efferent-Aesthetic Continuum
  • Kera Allen (History and Sociology) –  “I was supposed to make things pretty”: A Study of Workplace Culture for Women in the Computing and Information Technology Workforce
  • Rachel Miles (Literature, Media, and Communication) – GameBridge: A convergence point for narrative media

* Prize winner

[i] Paper Only

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