2023 Graduate Conference

Jan. 13, 2023

Session I (Judge: Shatkshee Dhongde, ECON)

  • Sylvia Janicki (LMC), Sensing Bodies: Reflecting on Human-Plant Relationships through Biodata Displays of Bodily Encounters
  • Olga Churkina (SPP), Skills as mediators for pro-social behavior
  • Xinyi Yuan (ECON), How would different industries react to water pollutions restrictions – an example from Chinese “Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan (10-Point Water Plan)”
  • *Zhuoqi Helen Dong (INTA), Military-Civil Fusion Policies in China – Challenges and Opportunities in Space

Session II (Judge: Olga Shemyakina, ECON)

  • Bryan Rocha (ML), We all could have been Freddie Gray
  • *Kallysta Jones (INTA), To the Moon and Back: Terrestrial Teachings for the Future of Lunar Governance
  • Alexandra Teixeira Riggs (LMC), Button Portraits: Embodying Queer History with Interactive Wearable Artifacts
  • Haoqian Zou (ECON), Facebook Social Connection and Intermetropolitan Migration before and after COVID-19

Session III (Judge: Daniel Amsterdam, HSOC)

  • Sanghyun Han (INTA), Conceptualization and Applications of Technology Control Policy: Analyzing US Technology Control Policy Towards China
  • Ryan Ellis (ECON), Mobility, Migration, and Violence: Digital Trace and the Taliban Insurgency
  • Rachel Donley (LMC), Designing Puzzles to Challenge Assumptions
  • Michael Bivona (HSOC), (In)secure Cartography: NS/EP Mapping Along the Classified Edge
  • *Ricardo Martínez (LMC), Flying with clipped wings – eBird and biases in citizen science

* Award winner