2022 Graduate Conference

April 11, 2022

Session I (Chair: Alejandra Ruiz-Leon)

  1. Impact of Natural Shocks on Children’s Educational Outcomes, Spyrou, Ioanna
  • On the Shoulders of Fallen Giants: What do references to retracted research tell us about citation behaviors?, Woo, Seokkyun Joshua
  • Effect of Electoral Gender Quotas on Economics Development, Bulkunde, Roshani
  • Creating TECNO-ITINTEC. The first interactive science museum in Latin America, Ruiz-Leon, Alejandra
  • *What Drives Innovation Spending: A Case Study of China, Aum, Daniel

Session II (Chair: Ben Curran Wills)

  • Predating Social Entrepreneurship Through Counter Narratives and Black History, Monroe-White, Thelma, and Shepard, Tyrek
  • The Retrograde [Obscured] in the Southern Sky:’ Queer Relations in N. K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth Trilogy, Bennett, Katherine
  • Social Norms and the Consumption of Eco-labeled Products, Liu, Jancy Ling
  • *Equity Implications of Innovations in Care Delivery: The Case(s) of Direct-To-Consumer Telepharmacies, Wills, Ben Curran

Session III (Chair: Ben Curran Wills)

  • Sanctions and Regional Preferences in Russian Media, Furbish, Meredith
  • *Peer Effects and Online Education Participation: A Big Data Perspective, Gu, Xin
  • Complementaries of Language and Non-Language Skills: Accumulation and Returns Effects, Churkina, Olga, Luísa Nazareno and Matteo Zullo
  • Sociology at the Intersection of Gender and Health: Where we’ve been, Where we are, Where we’re going, Rachel, Sharon

Session IV Session II (Chair: Zhuoqi Helen Dong)

  • *Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice and Diabetes Health Care Costs, Wallace, Trevor
  • Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz: Insights for Strategic Approaches to Cyberwarfare, Dong, Zhuoqi Helen
  • SWIFT and Sanctions of Self-Destruction: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BIC, Lee, Nathan
  • Energy economics of Internet of Things (IoT): Analysis of survey data from Ireland, Ghodeshwar, Archana

* Award winner

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